Wesley’s Catechism

Wesley’s Catechism is a compendium of timeless Christian truth prepared by the father of Methodism and the grandfather of Pentecostalism, John Wesley (1703-1791). Wesley originally published his catechism, or more accurately, his revision of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, in volume 14 of his Christian Library in 1750. This new edition from Pen & Spirit Publishing includes an updated version of Wesley’s original text and commentary from Rev. James Alexander MacDonald. It also uses the well beloved New Revised Standard Version for many of the Scripture proofs. More than 250 years after it was initially published, Wesley’s Catechism still communicates historic Christianity to a new generation of Christians. This text is a timeless treasure and source of true Christian doctrine and Scriptural exegesis. It is an invaluable document for all Wesleyans, whether they be Methodists, Holiness, evangelicals, or Pentecostals—and indeed for all Christians.

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